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Samsung Again Attacks Murata Patent

Scott Daniels | February 16, 2010

Samsung filed a request last Friday that the PTO conduct an ex parte reexamination of Murata’s U.S. Patent No. 6,377,439 which claims multi-layer ceramic capacitors.

In October, Murata sued Samsung at the U.S. ITC for importing into the United States ceramic capacitors that infringe the ‘439 patent, as well as three other patents belonging to Murata.  The ITC’s Judge Gildea has scheduled trial for July 2010, and set March 4, 2011 as the target date by which the ITC will complete its investigation.
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Rambus v. NVIDIA, An Updated Scorecard

Scott Daniels and Yoshiya Nakamura | January 28, 2010


In our post dated December 1, 2009, we reported on the struggle between Rambus and NVIDIA at the ITC and in reexaminations at the PTO. Since then, Rambus has won a major victory at the ITC – Administrative Law Judge Essex has ruled that the ‘353, ‘405 and ‘109 patents are valid and infringed.1
Rambus, however, has not fared well in the reexaminations, as can be seen from the following chart.
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Rambus v. NVIDIA, An Updated Scorecard

Scott Daniels | December 1, 2009

In the old days of baseball, before scoreboards the size of a city block, it was said that you “need a scorecard to keep track of the players.”

That is certainly true of the current ITC investigation in which Rambus originally accused NVIDIA, as well as 16 downstream customers, of infringing nine patents related to graphics card, motherboard and computer memory controllers. After receiving adverse Office Actions from the PTO in reexaminations of several of those patents, Rambus dropped four from the ITC case.
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