Did Google Request Reexamination of Lodsys Patents?

Scott Daniels | August 17, 2011

We’ve seen lots of reports in the media that Google finally took action last Friday against Lodsys – specifically, Reexamination Requests against two of the four patents that are the subject of Lodsys’ infringement actions against numerous small developers of Android® apps.  “We’ve asked the U.S. Patent Office to re-examine two Lodsys patents that we believe should never have been issued,” Google senior vice president and general counsel Kent Walker is reported to have told Wired.com, explaining that “[d]evelopers play a critical part in the Android ecosystem and Google will continue to support them.”

What we have not seen, however, are Google’s Requests.  So far there is no evidence that they were actually filed.  Of course, when they do surface, we will report our first impressions.

Also, one wonders about the other two Lodsys patents, given Google’s concern for the Android® app developers.

Incidentally, the best reporting and analysis of Lodsys’ case against the Android® developers is by our friend Florian Mueller at FOSS Patent Blog.

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