Two Quick Updates

Scott Daniels | December 3, 2010

1.     Rambus Files Five Complaints

From time to time, we have reported Rambus’ efforts to enforce its portfolio of semiconductor patents, including the so-called “Barth I” patents that were the subject of an earlier ITC investigation.  Rambus’ efforts have often in the face of numerous parallel reexamination proceedings. 

Wednesday, Rambus filed five new complaints asserting infringement of a total of 19 patents, including the three Barth I patents: four complaints in the Northern District of California against Media Tek, STMicroelectronics, LSI and Broadcom, and a fifth at the U.S. ITC against those four companies and a long, long list of others.  We strongly expect that reexamination will play a role in this conflict.

2.     Cellectis Sues Precision BioSciences

At the beginning of November, we described Cellectis’ attempts to enforce four patents against Precision’s “Directed Nuclease Editor” for modifying plant genomes.  Those attempts have been stymied so far by a series of reexamination requests filed by Precision. 

On Tuesday, Cellectis received a new patent – U.S. Patent No. 7,842,489, entitled “Use of meganucleases for inducing homologous recombination ex vivo and in toto in vertebrate somatic tissues and application thereof” – and the same day filed a complaint against Precision accusing it of infringement of the ‘489 patent.

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