Scott Daniels | April 8, 2010

Reexamination requests are typically reported in the Official Gazette approximately three months after filing. Such a delay in reporting requests, particularly requests that involve copending District Court litigation, is too long. We will therefore report new ex parte and inter partes reexamination requests filed the previous week as they appear on the Patent Office EFS. In some cases, the information available from the Patent Office is still incomplete.

This past week, the following inter partes requests were made:

(1)   95/001,330 – U.S. Patent No. 7,441,196 owned by EMG Technology, LLC and entitled APPARATUS AND METHOD OF MANIPULATING A REGION ON A WIRELESS DEVICE SCREEN FOR VIEWING, ZOOMING AND SCROLLING INTERNET CONTENT.  Filed March ­­29, 2010 by Microsoft Corporation.

(2)   95/001,331 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­7,020,845 owned by EMG Technology, LLC and entitled NAVIGATING INTERNET CONTENT ON A TELEVISION USING A SIMPLIFIED INTERFACE AND A REMOTE CONTROL.  Filed March ­­29, 2010 by Microsoft Corporation.

(3)   95/001,332 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­7,277,765 owned by Bose Corporation and entitled INTERACTIVE SOUND REPRODUCING.  Filed March ­­30, 2010 by SDI Technologies, Inc.

(4)   95/001,333 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­6,859,699 owned by API Technologies, LLC and entitled NETWORK-BASED METHOD AND SYSTEM FOR DISTRIBUTING DATA.  Filed April 1, 2010 by Google, Inc.

And the following ex parte requests were made:

(1)   90/010,938 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­7,050,043 owned by PixArt Imaging Inc and entitled OPTICAL APPARATUS.  Filed March ­­30, 2010 by Avago Technologies, Inc.

(2)   90/010,939 – U.S. Patent No. 7,519,990 owned by Fortinet, Inc. and entitled MANAGING NETWORK TRAFFIC FLOW.  Filed March ­­31, 2010.

(3)   90/010,940 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­6,600,175 owned by Cree, Inc. and entitled SOLID STATE WHITE LIGHT EMITTER AND DISPLAY USING SAME.  Filed April 2, 2010.

(4)   90/010,941 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­5,713,740 having R. David Middlebrook as its named inventor and entitled SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR CONVERTING WRITTEN TEXT INTO A GRAPHICAL IMAGE FOR IMPROVED COMPREHENSION BY THE LEARNING DISABLED.  Filed April 2, 2010 by Google, Inc.

(5)   90/009,708 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­7,109,815 owned by Quintic Holdings and entitled VCO WITH AUTOMATIC CALIBRATION.  Filed March ­­22, 2010.

(6)   90/009,710 – U.S. Patent No. ­­­­­6,000,058 having Charles P. Iselin as its named inventor and entitled BEVERAGE-HOLDING DEVICE.  Filed March ­­22, 2010.

(7)   90/009,713 – U.S. Patent No. 6,840,710 owned by RAR Group, LLC and entitled UNDERGROUND ALLUVIAL WATER STORAGE RESERVOIR AND METHOD.  Filed March ­­31, 2010.

(8)   90/009,715 – U.S. Patent No. 6,502,567 owned by KEE Action Sports LLC and entitled RAPID FEED PAINTBALL LOADER WITH PIVOTABLE DEFLECTOR.  Filed March ­­31, 2010.

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