Google Seeks Reexamination of Information Retrieval Patents

Scott Daniels | November 9, 2009

Nearly two years ago, IP Innovation sued Google in the Eastern District of Texas for infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,276,785 and 5,675,819 relating to document information retrieval. Both patents were originally owned by Xerox.

Google replied with requests for ex parte reexamination against each patent. The PTO has now ordered reexamination of the ‘785 patent, finding a series of substantial new questions of patentability (SNQs) with respect to each claim for which reexamination had been sought.

The PTO is expected to determine within the next few weeks whether to reexamine the ‘819 patent.

There is no indication that Google has sought to stay of the Texas case, though a stay may be unlikely in view of the period of time since the case was filed.

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